A Shelter Offers You Enhanced Safety

Besides protecting you against Mother Nature’s raging moods, a shelter shields you against criminal and animal attacks:

  • your house or apartment has windows and doors that you can lock and it might be surrounded by a fence
  • more modern dwellings are equipped with motion sensors, alarms, video surveillance that alert the local police department when triggered
  • some people prepare their homes against human or animal invasions by using a combination of modern technology, old-fashioned common sense, and defense weapons
  • fire is one of the oldest ways to keep animals away from rudimentary shelters but it may attract human attention

A Shelter Offers You Privacy

The harder you make it for criminals to know what happens inside your house, the more likely you are to be safe from them:

  • keep your valuables locked and away from sight. Do not show them in a public setting. That will take away some of the motivation for a robber since he doesn’t know if there are any valuables worth taking and where they are.
  • Do not let strangers know about work or vacation schedules (sorry, that includes posting on Facebook)

You Shelter With People You Care About

Keeping close to your family has been keeping all the members safer since forever and a day. Taking care of each other through trying times such as sickness, violent attacks or during extreme weather will greatly increase your chances of survival. And it also gives you something to survive for.

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