Vision and Mission


Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization, who has been working in partnership with Nanjil Anand Foundation Help. Over 2 million children in India are homeless. They live in dangerous conditions and struggle with poverty and hunger daily. Our foundation provide shelter to homeless..

Our Mission

Through our Mission No Child Homeless, we are currently providing support to 1758 children across 14 NGOs in India. With regular life activities coming to a halt due to Covid-19, such as going to school, socialising, playing outdoors etc, all children were confined to their care homes 24×7.

Initiatives taken by NGO: • Placing emphasis on the physical and mental health of children through discussions and sessions and being available for the children.

Enabling teachers to visit the homes to check on progress of the students and making sure students follow their online teaching. NGOs also helped where possible by providing access to smartphones/tablets to children for their online classes.

Nutritious meals.

Teaching them good hygiene and sanitation practices for Covid19 and making them aware of the government guidelines.

Games and events such as art classes, singing songs, cricket etc to keep them physically active and engaged.

Why this initiative ?

The urban situation looks awful and it becomes all the more grave with endless bodies of men, women and children seen lying everywhere, covered under strange but typical rags, particularly in an affluent metropolitan city like Delhi. Such people without shelters are mostly found in commercial areas and congested localities, on the streets and pavements, under the bridges, open spaces like parks, shops, temples, etc, even on the rickshaw and carts. They are mostly visible in nights since during the daytime these places become unsuitable for stay and these people mostly go out to earn their livelihood. Whereas a good number of them are residents of Delhi, majority are pulled, migrating to Delhi due to opportunities, or pushed from the rural poverty and in many cases due to natural calamities.

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